Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's in My Purse?

I've notice a common post of fashion bloggers..."What's in my purse?". I burst out laughing today when I was trying to secure a rental car and had to remove the contents of my purse to find my ID. I pulled out markers, paint brushes, an assortment of wonderful pens, a sponge (it has never been used), Sharpies, 2 tubes of watercolor paint (Opera and Crimson Lake), 2 watercolor tablets, drawing pencils, a ruler and all the girly stuff (lipstick, mascara, powder, a brush). I don't have a large purse so you must picture a scene similar to the circus act when a bunch of clowns get out of a VW. I kept pulling out items and it was shocking! The guys behind the counter wanted to know if I carried it around with me all the time. I wanted to say, "No! Of course not!" but really I do. So tonight I cleaned out my purse and did a little sketch of what was left. 

I travel a lot so I keep my suitcase in the car. I  have my laptop bag for work and I keep a little bag with my paints. I'll have to paint those bags sometime soon. 

Thank you for peeking in my sketchbook!

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