Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Being a teacher, I usually make resolutions at the beginning of the school year. This year I do have a few things on my mind...areas I want to improve, things that need to be changed in my life.

On one of the blogs I read today, a young woman outlined about a dozen or so things she resolved for the upcoming year. She wrote that she wanted to get closer to God, make healthy choices (I'm going to guess that means lose weight), volunteer, draw everyday, organize her house, etc. I was exhausted just reading her list.

In my quiet time I reflected on the resolutions I've made over the years and all the prayers I've prayed. I've been blessed to have hundreds of prayers answered and I've kept my share of resolutions.This year I resolve to be kinder to myself. If that means that I need to forgive myself from past mistakes, talk to God more, loose weight, then that is what I need to do.

Tonight I have been working on a few projects. First, I made some personalized cards for my daughter. I hand printed her name and drew a sweet crown on 10 cards and then wrapped them in a pretty ribbon. Here is a sample:

I've been thinking of creating a calendar. Maybe featuring toys and things from the 70s. I turned my practice into a little greeting. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Great Blue Pumpkin

Every holiday that I can remember I have gotten wrapped up in some kind of craft.  This year the holiday can be defined by dip pens, calligraphy nibs and stained fingers.  I think I've about gotten the process figured out.  I really like the Brause 361 steno nib. I've also tried the Nikko G but it is pretty sharp.  I also like J. Herbin pigmented ink.  It is thicker and more gel like.  I'm probably swayed by the sparkle.

I've created my own "font". I have very shaky hands so a straight up and down stroke helps me have consistent letters.  Take a look at a practice page...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Road...Traveled

I have been doing a lot of traveling lately. It seems I've spent more nights in a hotel than in my house.  Christmas break is coming and I will have many days working at home.  I can't wait! I sketched a map of my travels for the last 10 days in my sketchbook.  I still have several more days left before I'll be back home.