Monday, July 1, 2013

First Day of Vacation and I've Finished a Bunch of Paintings!

I am so excited to be on vacation! On my first day, I grabbed an Arches' block and was heading out to do a little plein air painting at Brenau University

I have been doing a few preliminary sketches and I was ready to start a painting. Unfortunately, I didn't realize all my blocks had unfinished paintings in them. So, I changed my plans and decided to finish up the paintings in had in progress. 

First, I finished my Chuck Taylor painting. 
Then I finished a painting of vintage cameras. The cameras are from a work by Christine Berrie. I loved the colors and the designs of the cameras. Please check out her work. It is amazing. I bought a little pencil pouch at my local art store with the print below on it.  I can't believe the level of realism she can achieve with colored pencils. 

Here is my "shot" at her print.
Mine looks a little wack-a-doodle compared to hers! 

Here are a few of my very own sketchbook entries...

I think I'm getting better! Thanks to all the artists who show me the way.

And, thanks to you for peeking in my sketchbook.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Chuck Taylor's...

Recently, I've been working with washes and playing with the paint. Instead of adding white to lighten a color I've learned to add water.  I saw this ad for Chuck Taylor's and thought it would be a good thing to paint and try out my new skills. 

Here is the work in progress...

Thanks for peeking at my little painting!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Study in Blue...

I purchased a couple of new colors at Binders Art Supply in Atlanta. Little did I know that I have driven by this art store many times in the last month. The day was beautiful and it was nice to visit a cool store and stock up on supplies! Plus, I loved playing in the city!

I purchased Holbein Peacock Blue and Horizon Blue. I have tried 5 different watercolor brands and Holbein remains my favorite. I won't list the brands I don't care for because I believe I'm still too much of a novice to be an expert on brands. I'll leave that to the pros! 
The ceramic egg holder is one of 2 I picked up off a clearance rack for a couple of bucks (an after-Easter find). These work great for paint!

The finished products...

Thank you for peeking at my study of the "blues".

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wisteria in Georgia...

This year the wisteria is gorgeous! I don't remember a time where the wisteria was this thick and pervasive. With all the terrible events in the news lately I had to take the weekend to get out and enjoy what God has created. Sometimes it is hard to see God through all the sin in our world. 

Thank you for peeking at my painting!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bartow Motel...

I love vintage signage. At one time, arrows pointed toward all the "best" places. Neon and twinkling lights dotted the roadways. Every time I see a vintage sign I must get a pic!

Note: These are not my pictures. I've credited them when I could find the photographers' info.

from Retro Roadmap

This week while I was in Cartersville, Georgia I spotted the old Bartow Motel and knew I must pull over for a quick pic.
The only thing I love more, is painting vintage signs!

I was traveling and wanted to paint on larger paper than I had. I found some cheaper on sale at a local hobby shop. I hated it!!! It pilled up when wet and then wouldn't lay back down. It was very frustrating! Live and learn. 
Thank you for peeking at my painting!

Monday, March 25, 2013


What a weekend! Rain, storms, sunshine, cold, the weather kept me in the house. It was a great opportunity to get a few things finished. I cleaned out my closet and found so many neat things I had forgotten about. I worked on 3 paintings at once. I would do a little work on one and while it dried I would pick up another one. I got stumped on a little painting I've named "Decisions". I wanted a vintage look to the luggage and then I felt I needed vintage shoes as well. I don't think the bag on the top has the "vintage" feel. 

A couple of other projects I finished were a custom "girl" palette and a unique workspace.

This palette is centered around Holbein's Opera. I can't wait to dream up a project so I can use it!

My second project was a painting board. I wanted something I could put in my lap to work. I found a board at the Restore Store that would be perfect to tape down my watercolor paper. I had a small magnetic sheet with adhesive on one side. I cut it into 2 pieces and stuck them to the board. The magnets hold my wonderful palette I purchased from Kremer and a child's watercolor box I use to hold pencils, brushes, an eraser, and a small sponge. I have a paint cup  from Home Depot to hold water and I slip the handle through the binder clip. This is not a perfect set up but it is nice to have to paint while I listen to a program on TV or watch a movie.

What is the project I'm working on? I am starting, what I hope will be a long-term project to paint the buildings in my town, Gainesville, Georgia. This building is the train depot. It is a large station which is now used for special events and for the Smithgall Arts Center. I chose to start with the back of the building. I believe the beautiful park and atrium area might have been added in the 1980s. 

I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for peeking at my work!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Outdoor Studio...Opening Day

Okay, so it's not a studio, but I do enjoy working on my back deck.  I worked on painting the sketches I made this week. Here is what is in my sketchbook (#18) right now.

Thank you for peeking in my sketchbook!