Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bartow Motel...

I love vintage signage. At one time, arrows pointed toward all the "best" places. Neon and twinkling lights dotted the roadways. Every time I see a vintage sign I must get a pic!

Note: These are not my pictures. I've credited them when I could find the photographers' info.

from Retro Roadmap

This week while I was in Cartersville, Georgia I spotted the old Bartow Motel and knew I must pull over for a quick pic.
The only thing I love more, is painting vintage signs!

I was traveling and wanted to paint on larger paper than I had. I found some cheaper on sale at a local hobby shop. I hated it!!! It pilled up when wet and then wouldn't lay back down. It was very frustrating! Live and learn. 
Thank you for peeking at my painting!

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