Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sketchbook #1

Sketchbook #1

This is not my very first sketchbook, but the first one I've counted.

I believe it is from 2007. I didn't date my sketches back then. I would love to have the sketchbooks from the 80's.
Blackberries @ Collins Hill Park, Suwanee, GA

This is a quick sketch of trees as I waited to pick up my son from practice.

Collins Hill Park, Suwanee, GA
It is rare that I will do a sketch or painting twice. This is a sketch that came out much better the second time. I wish I would make myself repeat sketches more often.
Flower in Vase, Take 1 

Flower in Vase, Take 2
I had a few minutes waiting for my son to finish up practice and sketched a couple of pine boughs.
Georgia Pine

 We took a little trip to Chattanooga and I enjoyed sketching along the way.
Rock City Sign
 We stayed at a very nice camp site named Raccoon Mountain. If I remember correctly, I created the sign for the Go Cart track.
Raccoon Mtn. Go Carts

 Just playing with paint!
 This was a little sketch from a magazine picture. I was learning about watercolor pencils. 

I don't know why I did these. I guess I just thought it was fun.

It is interesting as I look back at this sketchbook. The sketches I like the best are of the things I've experienced. Another thing I've realized is how many sketches I've done waiting for the kids to finish practice!

Thank you for peeking in my sketchbook!

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