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My sister and I were talking the other day about when I began drawing. I think I always have.  I shared with her a story of an experience I had when I was in the 5th grade. My teacher, Mrs. Ivy, asked me to color a book character for her bulletin board. I colored the whole thing adding shadows and reflections when I was finished I ran out to the playground. When I returned, I was shocked to find that a classmate had picked up the black marker and colored in the reflection on the Mary Janes the character was wearing. I was mortified! The little Mary Janes were flat black with no detail at all. I was surprised that the offender couldn’t see that clearly there should have been a reflection on the shiny shoes.

In 6th grade I decided I would be an architect (mostly because the cute boy sitting next to me wanted to be an architect). We would draw instead of doing our classwork.

In high school I was able to participate in a unique program to study mechanical drafting and finally architecture. We were able to design our own house and it was built by another group of students. It was very exciting.  I was the only girl in the class and it was challenging to be in that position. The boys in the class made it pretty difficult sometimes. At the end of my second year in the program the teacher was replaced with one of the most difficult men I have ever met. My dreams of being an architect slowly died.

I decided to go to a small liberal arts college and really had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. The beauty of the campus convinced me to attend.

Berry College

After exploring many options I decided teaching would be my career. I have had wonderful experiences being a teacher. This career has enabled me to go to school with my children from Kindergarten to 8th grade. There are not many careers that allow you to participate in your children’s lives like I have had the opportunity to do.

As my children have grown and needed me less and less I have returned to my art. I have the time to explore new techniques and grow my skills. 

Only my family and the people who sit next to me in church or in meetings see my sketches. Mostly, they stay in my sketchbooks in the bottom drawer of my wardrobe.

I believe art is meant to be shared so I've looked for ways to share it. I appreciate you peeking inside my sketchbooks and allowing me to share my work with you.

Allie Ward
Gainesville, Georgia

Photos of me with Tim Hawkins!!!

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