Sunday, August 3, 2014


Today I set time aside to update my sketchbooks, website, blog, etc. I'm getting a lot of work done but I am now banging my head up against the wall! How could I have made such a huge spelling error...right in the title?!?

This page was already the most frustrating one I have ever done. I had a few hours to sketch on a business trip. I was miles from my hotel when I realized I didn't have my pencil or pen. I pulled out a ball point gel pen and decided to "go with the flow".  Well, it started raining and the pen ran! I found shelter in a gazebo and continued sketching. I was joined by a couple would were smoking and I almost croaked. I had been enjoying the power of the storm and then the quiet was disturbed. 

Here is the corrected page...

Thank you for taking a peek into my sketchbook!