Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just a little cleaning...

This weekend started rather bizarrely. I had plans to paint all weekend and when I pulled out my paper, the drawer was so packed I dumped it out to straighten it.

Well, a few hours later I had taken an inventory and decided I needed a portfolio to protect the larger paintings.

I hopped in the car to run a few errands and pick up a portfolio on the way. Heading out of my neighborhood I noticed the neighbors had a pink ribbon on their mailbox. As I was driving I prayed for the new little life the ribbon symbolized.

A little closer into town I rounded the corner and saw a small church. A bride and groom were leaving the church in their wedding clothes. The bride was beautiful and in her white gown she was glowing. Everyone was throwing streamers and yelling well wishes. I prayed for the couple and the life they would have together as I drove. 

Not even a mile from the church I passed a funeral home. The parking lot was packed with cars. People were hugging one another as they were getting in their cars for the procession. It is just an illustration of how short life is. In less than a few miles people were experiencing life's full range of emotions; joy, excitement, anxiety, pain, heartbreak. 

My daughter and I were just discussing the way time progresses in life. She is in such a hurry to get to college and start her life there. It is so hard, at her age, to wait on all the wonderful experiences ahead. She has an exciting summer planned with a job as a camp counselor waiting for her. In the fall she will pack up and move hours away to start her life on her own. 

My M&M

I, of course, have another view of this time in her life. It was just yesterday I was trying to get her to quit sucking her thumb. She has always been in a rush to grow up. She is like a ray of sunshine and I hope she values the days she is experiencing now because the days are fleeting. 

Back to painting...

Knowing all, this I wonder about whether I'll ever master this painting thing or not. I read a post about an artist (Liz Steel) who numbers her sketchbooks. I actually thought I would have to start numbering now and label the sketchbook I am working in as #1. (Remember, this whole post started because I had a drawer so packed I had to organize it!) 

Well, guess what? If I just number the sketchbooks I have kept since the kids entered high school, I'm on #18. Cool beans!!! I don't have my other sketchbooks. Maybe some are packed away, but most were lost when our basement flooded. 
I'm going to post some of these old sketches and paintings (just for fun). Thank you for reading and for peeking into my drawer! 

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