Monday, March 25, 2013


What a weekend! Rain, storms, sunshine, cold, the weather kept me in the house. It was a great opportunity to get a few things finished. I cleaned out my closet and found so many neat things I had forgotten about. I worked on 3 paintings at once. I would do a little work on one and while it dried I would pick up another one. I got stumped on a little painting I've named "Decisions". I wanted a vintage look to the luggage and then I felt I needed vintage shoes as well. I don't think the bag on the top has the "vintage" feel. 

A couple of other projects I finished were a custom "girl" palette and a unique workspace.

This palette is centered around Holbein's Opera. I can't wait to dream up a project so I can use it!

My second project was a painting board. I wanted something I could put in my lap to work. I found a board at the Restore Store that would be perfect to tape down my watercolor paper. I had a small magnetic sheet with adhesive on one side. I cut it into 2 pieces and stuck them to the board. The magnets hold my wonderful palette I purchased from Kremer and a child's watercolor box I use to hold pencils, brushes, an eraser, and a small sponge. I have a paint cup  from Home Depot to hold water and I slip the handle through the binder clip. This is not a perfect set up but it is nice to have to paint while I listen to a program on TV or watch a movie.

What is the project I'm working on? I am starting, what I hope will be a long-term project to paint the buildings in my town, Gainesville, Georgia. This building is the train depot. It is a large station which is now used for special events and for the Smithgall Arts Center. I chose to start with the back of the building. I believe the beautiful park and atrium area might have been added in the 1980s. 

I hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for peeking at my work!

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