Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Study in Blue...

I purchased a couple of new colors at Binders Art Supply in Atlanta. Little did I know that I have driven by this art store many times in the last month. The day was beautiful and it was nice to visit a cool store and stock up on supplies! Plus, I loved playing in the city!

I purchased Holbein Peacock Blue and Horizon Blue. I have tried 5 different watercolor brands and Holbein remains my favorite. I won't list the brands I don't care for because I believe I'm still too much of a novice to be an expert on brands. I'll leave that to the pros! 
The ceramic egg holder is one of 2 I picked up off a clearance rack for a couple of bucks (an after-Easter find). These work great for paint!

The finished products...

Thank you for peeking at my study of the "blues".

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