Monday, July 1, 2013

First Day of Vacation and I've Finished a Bunch of Paintings!

I am so excited to be on vacation! On my first day, I grabbed an Arches' block and was heading out to do a little plein air painting at Brenau University

I have been doing a few preliminary sketches and I was ready to start a painting. Unfortunately, I didn't realize all my blocks had unfinished paintings in them. So, I changed my plans and decided to finish up the paintings in had in progress. 

First, I finished my Chuck Taylor painting. 
Then I finished a painting of vintage cameras. The cameras are from a work by Christine Berrie. I loved the colors and the designs of the cameras. Please check out her work. It is amazing. I bought a little pencil pouch at my local art store with the print below on it.  I can't believe the level of realism she can achieve with colored pencils. 

Here is my "shot" at her print.
Mine looks a little wack-a-doodle compared to hers! 

Here are a few of my very own sketchbook entries...

I think I'm getting better! Thanks to all the artists who show me the way.

And, thanks to you for peeking in my sketchbook.

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