Sunday, January 13, 2013

Overcoming Artist Block

I have been experiencing some severe artist block (oh, and some big work projects). The block stems from a big block of black paint.

The big blob of black paint in my January painting. It made me question everything. I had to dig in my drawer of sketchbooks and look at my old sketches to reaffirm my desire to sketch and paint. My "real world" job is so different from sketching and when I get a little paint on my hands it instantly relaxes me. I had to take time to remember why I do it! 

I made a few very bad drawings and when my new calligraphy practice books came in I worked in them. 

Now I have a beautiful idea for a valentine card and have been working on painting my ideas. 

I'm struggling with the faces. I will keep on working...

Thanks for letting me share!

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