Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More on the travel palette...

I posted a picture of my new little travel palette but Brenda Swenson made a suggestion to improve it. I have added a little cup for water. This cup is a Sea to Summit shot glass from REI. I put a magnet down in the bottom of the cup to keep it steady. Check it out!

How cute is this!!! Just a little note about the paint I used on my palette. I used an acrylic paint. I don't scrub my palette and rough it up so this will work just fine. (I'll get bored of this palette and create something new before I wear it out.) If you are concerned about scratching your palette, use automotive paint. 

One more thing...Brenda also suggested attaching a small ring to the bottom of the palette. I used a ring I had left over from a necklace I made. It is about the size of a quarter. Brenda used some sort of rubber gasket used as a car part. I attached mine with a small piece of silver duct tape. Brenda used the soft part of Velcro. Now I can stick my finger through the ring and it will stabilize the palette. LOVE IT!!!

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