Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brenda Swenson Workshop

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a workshop taught by the amazing Brenda Swenson. For this newbie, it was a humbling experience! She taught me so many new things and I will share them with you over the next few days. First, I had to get ready for the workshop. This required cleaning up all my tools and packing them in my cute new train case I re-purposed for my art supplies.

Sharpies (for labeling pans), Lamy Al-stars, Stilman and Birn Zeta Sketchbooks, Kremer Watercolor box, Platinum Carbon Black ink, Clips, Eraser, Flower Frog (for holding brushes), a Roll of Brushes, Apron, Paper Towels, Water Sprayer, Sweeper Brush
Look how pretty... It makes me so excited to see all my supplies cleaned up and ready to go! 

Here is my sketchbook page showing my prep work. 

Thanks for peeking inside my sketchbook!

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