Monday, March 10, 2014

A Day in the City...

I had my own little sketch crawl yesterday. I boarded the Marta train and rode the train into Atlanta.

I drew a few of the passengers as they were heading home from work, to the airport, or into the city for fun. I got off the train at Arts Center and walked to the High Museum of Art. On the way I saw the most interesting house Named Fort Peace or the Castle. It is interesting the way it is still standing in the midst of the skyscrapers.
I sketched for a few minutes while sitting on a wall by the street. The problem with going on a sketch crawl by yourself is that you are by yourself! Sitting on an empty street by yourself may not be very smart. So I took a picture and walked on to the museum.
On the lawn of the High there were a bunch of little girls having a birthday party. They were so cute running around a playing on the big lawn.
The High has a special exhibit Go West! Art of the American Frontier from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. It was very interesting. They only had a few watercolors. Most of the paintings were oil on board.
I bought a few little things in the gift shop. Check them out!
I bought a pin (a High Museum pin), a pen (a High Museum pen, LOL!), and a brush. Funny thing is the brush is a pencil! imagine and brush and a pencil together, what a great idea! Afterwards, I went to Binders and picked up some supplies.
Here is my page in my sketchbook...
What a fun day. I enjoyed spending time in Atlanta!
Thank you for peeking inside my sketchbook.

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