Sunday, February 24, 2013

My New Studio...

I would like to show off where I work. About a year and 1/2 ago I downsized in a big way by moving from my large home in a crowded suburban neighborhood to a little house near the lake. One of the perks of the new house was a beautiful room that was once used as a plant room. It has large skylights and 2 sliding doors. I immediately thought it would be my studio and I set myself up to have a perfect work space. 

Well, life intervened and my sister and I decided we would combine the 2 families and they moved it too! This has been a great experience for us. Both families complement each other and there is always someone at home. Unfortunately, I lost the studio and it became a totally adorable boy's room. 

For a few months I tried different spaces in the house to paint (and work) but I just couldn't find a place that worked until just recently. I moved a drop-leaf table into my large bedroom and set up shop. It is a little space but it is working great. 

My daughter leaves for college in a few months and everyone will shift rooms. My sister and her husband will take over my daughter's large bedroom. My nephew will move to their room and I will reclaim my studio!!! Don't you think it's fair that I get 2 rooms and everyone else gets 1? I'm not complaining.

Let's do a little shout out for a cute little workspace!  Wooo Whooo!!! 

Thanks for touring my little (hopefully temporary) studio!

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