Monday, November 24, 2014

Updated Sketchbook

Today I had time to update my website with photos from my current sketchbooks. Here are a few of my favorite pages.

Skidaway Island
I like this page because I adore my little painting travel case. It is a vintage train case with adorable plaid cover.

What's In My Painting Kit

Jackson, Georgia

I like the sketch above because I sketched quickly and was able to capture more of the correct perspective than I have before.

Louisville, Georgia
This page in my sketchbook was fun because I only used 3 colors. I decided to do this because I had just purchased 3 tubes of the new Qor (pronounced "core") watercolor paint by Golden. It performed well and I enjoyed using the paint. 

Sparta Courthouse
Last but not least, my favorite of all...The Sparta Courthouse. I really like these pages because of the fact that I completed them a few days before the courthouse burned down. I have this record of the beautiful building that once stood there. 

So it seems I am getting things done during Thanksgiving break. I'm kicking butt and taking names!

Thanks for peeking in my sketchbook!

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