Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Night in the Studio

Seems like I spent more time cleaning up after painting than I do painting. It's Sunday night and I've got to get this mess cleaned up. I've got so many little projects going on in here that I have no place to work. 

I'm creating a backboard for a jewelry sale. The backboard is on the floor where I just put the first coat of paint on it. I had to paint inside the house because it is raining tonight. It is not just raining, but pouring!!!

Once I got out the paint I decided to paint the board on the top of my shelves. It has been "paintless" since I bought it a year ago. I didn't realize how much I depend on this board until I put wet paint on it. I have almost laid my spray bottle, my drink, a handful of brushes, my phone, and my computer on it. I need a "wet paint" sign!

Then I looked over at my other work table and noticed how dirty it looked so I put a coat of paint on it. 

Yesterday I gave away the printer I had in here because I have a much nicer networked printer in the other room. Once I gave it away I noticed that I now had more room for stuff! 

Now I'm left with my desk (which is also covered in stuff) and my painting table which has several unfinished projects on it. 

Despite the mess, I was able to complete a few sketchbook pages which needed journaling and touch-up work. Here is one of my favorites. I really enjoyed sketching and painting at this site but I didn't leave my car because the area is a little "sketchy". I am sure I will sketch here a few more times. 

Warehouse, Macon, GA

Thank you for peeking in my sketchbook!

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